Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Taking a break from my regular blogs today i am writing on a subject of Religious Intolerance for Indiblog's subject of Knowledge is Great.
Religious intolerance is the cause of unrest,deaths of thousands,political upheaval,jehad and terrorist attacks all over the world .In fact it is the root cause of 9/11 & 26/11 terror strikes.This intolerance is prevalent in  all the religion of the world whether it is Catholic v/s Protestant in Christianity,Sunni v/s Shias in muslim religion,Digambar v/s Shwetamber in jainism, and in Hindu religion is divided in castisam.Politician and religious heads divide the society for their own benefits because Christ,Prophet Mohammed, Buddha, Mahavir jain or Gurunanak always told the humankind that the whole world is one and we must love all humans  alike.
But most of the wars in the world like in Palestine,Israel,Syria,Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan are fought on religious grounds.Most of the terror attacks in India and Srilanka is also caused because of religious intolerance.
So,given a chance i would love to study Philosophy of Religion from OXFORD UNIVERSITY in LONDON.Because Knowledge can help me to understand the human psychology.In hindu religion there is a shloka in sanskrit language "VASUDEVA KUTUMBAKAM"which means the whole world is like a family.

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  1. Philosophy of Religion! Very unique subject and the choice so eloquently validated.