Saturday, 7 October 2017

Know your future - via Kundli reading

Kundli is a scientific art that isn't merely a blind guess work but rather a systematic scientific knowledge that is attained after years of experience in reading and understanding the different houses in a kundli and their positive and negative repercussions.

The avid followers of my blog would know my knowledge of the field and how I've laid out in layman's terms the aspects of each nakshatra in a kundli and how your nakshatra impacts you.

On people's demand now, I've decided that I will also help my readers with their kundli readings and give them a detailed analysis of what the future beholds for them.

To get your Kundli analysis, you need to pay the below mentioned fees respectively : -

  1. 1100 - Kundli Analysis for the next one year
  2. 2500 - Kundli Analysis for lifetime 

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Friday, 11 August 2017


This is last of 27 nakshatras.The natives born in this nakshatra are of independent mind and poses good personality with helping attitude.These are person of high morality & principle and stick to them.

The complexion of these natives are fair.These are independent minded & because of that they don't remain attached in one place.They change the work place frequently but they have a successful professional life.They face hurdles in their path upto 42 years of life.

They have a happy married life but relatives are not that supporting.They are very careless about their health and because of that suffer from minor health issues all the time.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


The natives born in this nakshatra have a very attractive & charming personality with very good wisdom and intelligence.They are also very kind & of helpful nature.The only minus point of their personality is that they get very angry in no time but they also calm down quickly.

These person achieve great success in professional front.They start working from an early age but get much success only after they get married.

These natives face difficulties in early age or childhood.They also have to live away from their native place due to some unavoidable reasons.But they enjoy a very happy married life with good wife & children.

These people are very careless as for their health is concerned.And because of this they suffer regularly from some ailment or another.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


The persons born in this nakshatra are very intelligent and good looking with impressive personality.
They are very helpful in nature and always think positively.They are also spiritual minded.Always eager to help others.

Since these persons are very intelligent they do very well in most of the field and gets success.It is observed that from 40 to 54 years of their life are golden periods of their lives.They have a very satisfied professional life.

It is observed that these natives did not get motherly love or they have to spend most of their lives away from mother due to various reasons.They get all the support of their father but on personal level there will be some tensions between them.

They also face some health problems so they should do regular check up of their health after 40 years of age.

Monday, 24 July 2017


The persons born in this nakshatra poses strong personality but are selfish in nature.These people are very knowledgeable & somewhat mysterious in their attitude.So they have mix of both positive and negative traits.

They face some difficulties till the age of 34 years of age.They create their own world and like to interact with set group of people.These natives are well educated & intelligent and do well in research and investigative field.

These person have more successful in their professional lives than married life.They are also very close to their mother.They also face lot of health issues throughout their lives.

Monday, 17 July 2017


The person born in this nakshatra posses most of the good qualities and are intelligent & intellectual type.They are also of helpful nature & get success in life.These natives are also spiritual in nature and very close to their families.

They are hardworking & loyal to their employers.They do very well in areas of research & law fields.
These people have a good family relations but have problems with their in-laws.

They have a small health problems because they are very careless about it but nothing major disease.
Overall they have a happy & satisfactory life.These person are also very musically inclined.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


These natives are lovely human beings.They are intelligent,caring,loyal,courteous,helpful in nature.
They keep seeking knowledge throughout their lives and they are very polite & soft spoken persons.

These persons lead a very balanced life and find struggle till 28 years of their life after that they find all the comforts & success.They also enjoy a happy married life.

Since they posses good intelligence & wisdom they tend to succeed in various fields.They like to keep the surroundings clean and organized.They are very good in music & dance or any creative field.

They also lead a healthy life with some minor problems.